Child Safety Myths

There are common toddler safety situations
that are overlooked...

Degrees of Safety 

Many parents believe since their first child didn't get hurt, their other children won't either. However, as families change, different safety needs arise. For example, an older child may leave small toys where younger siblings can find them.

What other hazards may be overlooked?

  • Is turning your hot water heater below 120 degrees Fahrenheit the safest way to avoid scalding?

  • What's the safest ways to lock cabinets?

  • Which "baby gates" are hazardous?

  • How can electrical outlets be made safe? (Those popular plastic push-in outlet caps are the #3 cause of infant choking!)

But I can do this myself...

After 19 years of researching child safety issues and concerns, we are uniquely qualified to handle those special problems such as stairways, decks and banisters with custom SAFE-NET installation.

Many of the products we work with are commercial grade and are hard to find for the general public. Baby Proofers Inc. in Houston, TX has searched the market for the most effective, highest quality child safety products available. Not all products on the market meet our high standards. We know what works and that is all we use. You can't afford to experiment with your child's safety. 

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