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Pool Safety Tips for your Toddler and Child

Here at Baby Proofers Inc, we work full time in making your home as safe as we can for your child. We specialize in all sorts of scenarios that could occur. One of the most common spaces for safety concerns is the pool and pool area. Here are some general tips about pool safety.

Pool Fences & Gates

It is almost essential that your pool has a fence. This both protects your child from accidentally going to the pool, as well as other neighborhood kids. Anytime your children are in the pool, you want to be able to observe them, and a fence is a great way to guarantee that no one is there when you cannot keep a watchful eye. It’s important that when you have a pool fence installed, it be done by a professional – it’s one of our specialties.

Pool Covers

Like pool fences, covers guard your pool from the potential for dangerous settings. You want to make sure that your pool cover complete covers your pool in a secure manner, otherwise it could be quite dangerous. We can check to see if your pool cover is loose or compromised with our In-Home Evaluations.

Establish Pool Rules

Pool rules are important for child safety. They protect you and your children from the hazards of a slippery surface. If you often have guests, post the rules so that everyone can see them.

Here are some good pool rules:

  • Always have an Adult Nearby
  • No Running!
  • Put Away Pool Toys when Not in Use
  • Always wear Sunscreen
  • Lock Pool Gate When You Leave

Swimming Lessons

For any child in the pool, it’s important to be cognizant of how well they know how to swim. Having your children take swimming lessons, at home or at a class, can be very beneficial in training your child in pool safety. In these lessons, you can also find out what limitations your child has – perhaps they get anxious being splashed – and adjust your pool rules accordingly.

Safe Diving

Though your child will probably not be diving into the pool, others will be and it is important that they follow the pool rules. Correctly labeling the shallow and deep ends of a pool will make sure that someone does not accidently hurt themselves or others.

Here are some good safe diving rules:

  • Never Dive into Above-Ground Pools
  • Only Dive from the End of the Diving Board
  • Never Dive Head-First Down a Slide
  • Never Dive or Jump Off a Roof or Building
  • Always Dive with your Hands in Front of You


After all the baby proofing is said and done, at the end of the day the best form of protection for a child is supervision. Spend time with your child and really monitor them. No matter the amount of baby proofing you may go through, it should never lull you into a false sense of security that you can leave the child to their own devices a bit longer.

Baby Proofers Inc, Pool Safety & You

As you are preparing your home for a baby or toddler, remember that we are constantly thinking about your child’s safety. Our job is to make sure that your pool, house, and environment is adequately prepared for any scenario. Call us 281-407-4775 or contact us here.

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