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Baby and Toddler Safety Tips for Toy Shopping this Holiday

Almost every child’s list to Santa during the holiday season is completely filled with their favorite toys.  Any parent wants to get his or her children the toys they asked for; they want that reassurance of those smiling faces and the exciting tearing apart of the wrapping paper to see that toy doll or Lego kit their child asked for.

While the youngsters yearn for their favorite toy this holiday season, it’s important for parents to keep in mind the importance of toddler safety and child safety while crossing items off those lists to Santa.  From baby products to small children’s toys, it is imperative for mom and dad to keep three factors upfront during their holiday shopping: age, skill level, and quality toy design.

What to Look for in a Safe Baby Product

If a new parent is going to shop for baby products and toys, and toys for toddlers, it’s important that they are a consistent at thoroughly reading labels.  Baby and toddler safety requires the attention of specific age recommendations, flame retardant/flame resistance, ability to wash and disinfect, and hygienic, nontoxic safety which can all be found on the safety labels of toys.

Baby products and toys look like fun but are they safe?  Look for any sharp edges and corners, chords and strings, loose, little parts and liquid parts, and loud electronic parts which can also become warm while powered; babies and toddlers tend to stick things in their ears, mouths and eyes, their tendencies could lead to possible strangling with those chords and strings, and a baby’s ears are sensitive to loud noises. 

Lead paint in toys and recalls are also something for parents to be very aware of towards baby, toddler and child safety. It’s very important for a parent to do his or her research on lead-paint concerns and recalled toys on government-sponsored sites like Consumer Safety Commission and websites.

At such a young age, babies and toddlers have a lowered skill level.  They enjoy yanking and pulling things apart, especially toys.  A simple portion of child safety-minded toy shopping is choosing high quality toys that are durable and sturdy.   When it comes to baby and toddler safety, a parent should pay special attention to choosing toys made by well-known manufacturers that don’t come with multiple parts like games and building sets.

Baby proofing can also be a vital part of holiday gifts.  Before wrapping toys for babies and toddlers, parents should remove any plastic packaging and wiring that keeps them in place.

A Safe and Happy Holiday!

Buying toys for babies, toddlers and small children is fun and rewarding for when they tear open those presents this coming holiday, their wide eyes and endless smiles will bring joy to everyone.  However, that joy can jump ship if child safety isn’t taken into account.  Every parent should keep in account baby and toddler safety when shopping for toys this holiday season.  With age, skill level and quality toy design implemented on Santa’s list, a safe and happy holiday can be yours!

As you are preparing your holiday activities, remember that we are constantly thinking about your child’s safety. Our job is to make sure that your pool, house, and environment is adequately prepared for any scenario. Call us 281-407-4775 or contact us here.

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